English Language Tuition

With approximately 1.5 billion people across the world learning English, it is vital to have qualified, enthusiastic teachers to provide the best learning experience for the students – young or old and from any country, background and culture.

Our tutors know that every time they enter a classroom, whether physically or online, they have the chance to improve and change someone’s life.

Bringing a smile to the face of others, while instilling a love of lifelong learning, is what make us tick.

We use our own personality and empathy skills, along with an open mind and acceptance of difference in order to teach classes that will benefit all types of learner.

Our TEFL tutors have excellent experience at designing and accessing resources, have excellent organisational skills, effective lesson planning, and can use their teaching skills in a safe and relaxed classroom environment. All tutors have a recognised TEFL qualification alongside a teaching qualification.

We teach our learners cognitive, effective and reflective skills (meta-cognitive skills) as well as bringing mindfulness into their daily lives for a calmer, more focused student experience.

Our tutors are naturally adept at using other teaching methods and are not fixed thinkers. Each tutor has the capacity to introduce new material and teach in other ways, as is seen fit to meet the needs of each person in the classroom. We are fully adaptable and flexible in our teaching methods and can teeter between teaching methods where appropriate, such as task based learning, teacher as facilitator and test-teach-test methods to name a few.

Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language can be completed either online, one-to-one or in a group or classroom setting. We can teach curriculum based EFL/ESL, or conversational English, which is usually offered to adults who have some English but are looking to improve. Whatever your need, we’re here to support you through your English language journey.

Should you need a qualified English Language tutor to deliver your own curriculum in a school or summer school setting, please do get in touch.

Our courses can be for beginner, intermediate, advanced, or conversational, and we can accommodate different levels within the same classroom, in fact we encourage it as it provides the learner with a unique peer to peer learning experience. The course generally runs for one 90 minute lesson or two 45 minute lessons per week over 26 consecutive weeks. This can be tailored depending on client needs and reviewed regularly dependent on progress.

All courses can be tailored to your individual needs. Why not contact us to see what we can do for you?

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