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October 2021

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2 – 3 hours

CPD Accredited Certificate


This course will equip you with the knowledge to apply to your role in the area of parental alienation. It will explain what parental alienation is and what might be some of the causes as well as providing you with examples of parental alienation and how it can affect children and their families.



It will also look at what signs to watch out for when working with children and families to help you recognise when this form of abuse may be at play, while making you aware of the motivators behind the abuse, and it will teach you about some strategies and interventions that can be used to help intervene and support the child or children and their family during their difficult times.


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Parental Alienation

This short course is aimed towards social workers, social care workers, family support workers, access facilitators, court appointed representatives, family law representatives, childcare professionals and anyone with an interest in the subject area.


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