Complex Needs Workshop

This half day workshop will go through a broad range of complex needs that the learner may encounter during their working day.

Specifically designed for schools and childcare facilities to equip participants with the knowledge and understanding of various needs and how they contribute to challenging behaviours. It will also equip participants with a range of strategies for behaviour management that can be applied to their work.

By the end of this half day workshop participants will be able to:

  • Question their prior knowledge and beliefs about challenging behaviour, it’s causes and purposes
  • Apply their knowledge to their work environment
  • Identify a range of complex needs: medical, psychological, and physiological
  • Show confidence when managing behaviours of concern
  • Show a range of behaviour management strategies
  • Explore alternative strategies in avoiding a crisis situation
  • Demonstrate distraction and redirection strategies

This is an in-person workshop. All tutors are trained in Covid19 health policies and will also adhere to schools/organisations polices and procedures in this regard.

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