Certificate in Trauma Informed Care and Behaviour Management


My name is Jeanette Smith, and I am the founder of Training Solutions Kilkenny.

I started the company in 2018 with a view to improving the lives of Neurodiverse and vulnerable individuals by creating training for front level workers and organisations in understanding complex needs in all it’s forms

My training programmes to date have helped hundreds of Special Needs Assistants, Teachers, Foster Carers, and other professionals in understanding complex needs and in developing strategies to manage behaviours of concern.

This course will assist the learner in understanding the impact of trauma on childhood, behaviours of concern, and the developing brain. It will equip the learner in understanding where behaviour comes from while acknowledging their own values and beliefs and the role that plays in understanding and managing behaviour.  It will assist them in discovering various strategies to implement to support the person they work with to help in reducing behaviours of concern, while acknowledging the importance of building resilience through relationships and social emotional learning.

Module 1 – Trauma

  • What is trauma?
  • Stress & Toxic Stress
  • ACE’s
  • Impact of Trauma
  • Common disorders associated with traumatic stress.
  • Co-Morbidity    
  • Biopsychosocial Model

Module 2 – Understanding Behaviour & Challenging Perspectives

  • Look at behaviour, challenging behaviour & inappropriate behaviour.
  • Influences of behaviour.
  • Types/Causes
  • A time to question our own values and belief system.
  • Behaviour Theories
  • Becoming Self-Reflective
  • The importance of self-care in your role

Module 3 – Trauma, Challenging Behaviour & Restrictive Practices

  • Challenging Behaviour and Trauma
  • Common Learning & behaviour problems
  • Restrictive Interventions – what are they?
  • Previous Trauma and restrictive interventions
  • Reducing the use of restrictive interventions
  • Trauma informed practice

Module 4 – Positive Behaviour Support & Crisis Situations

  • Identifying the Behaviour, Frequency Charts, ABC’s and BSP’s.
  • Identify the cause and/or purpose of the behaviour.
  • Developing an action plan (Positive Behaviour Support Plan)
  • Strategies on avoidance and management of problematic behaviour
  • When Crisis Occurs
  • Scenarios
  • After Crisis Occurs

Module 5 – Trauma Informed Practice, Resilience & Social Emotional Learning

  • Trauma Informed Schools and the School Climate
  • Resilience
  • Brain Building foods & activities.
  • Social & emotional learning
  • Teaching regulation
  • Protective Factors & Benevolent Childhood Experiences
  • Guidance & the whole school approach

In my opinion these workshops can’t be improved upon as they are excellent, I’m learning so much, I have recommended this certificate already. Thank you so much, this training should be mandatory for anyone working with children, not just children /adults with complex needs

Margo Moynihan, February 2021

The course was very informative and educational I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Jeanette was excellent and imparted her knowledge and experience in a very easy to understand manner. Thank you Jeanette.

Mary Chambers, February 2021

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