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Steak n mushroom suet pudding

Let me share a little secret with you…

You don’t need a lot of food to feed a family of 6.

This steak and mushroom suet pudding is an old favourite from my childhood.

I had enough steak for only 2 people, but by cutting it up and making the pudding, it went round 6 of us.

Items you will need:

A 2lb pudding basin with lid. (If you don’t have a lid, you can use greaseproof paper and tin foil tied on with string)

A bowl for measuring and mixing.

Sharp knives & chopping boards

Weighing scales and a tablespoon

A large pan with lid and a jam pot lid or metal cookie cutter

What you need for the filling:

Half lb of stewing steak (I had some fillet steaks which weren’t enough for everyone)

Half an onion finely chopped

4-6 mushrooms chopped

1 beef oxo.

1 tablespoon of plain flour, seasoned with salt and pepper

Cold water

For the suet pastry:

200g Self raising flour

100g suet (beef or veg)

Pinch salt

Cold water

How to make it.

To make the pastry, mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add cold water a little at a time until it resembles a pastry dough. Don’t make it too wet as you need to roll it out.

Roll out the pastry on a floured surface until it’s round and about 1cm thick

Grease the pudding basin

Cut a quarter out of the pastry so it looks like pacman. Save the quarter piece to one side, this will be the pie lid.

Next you need to line inside the pudding basin with the pacman piece of pastry.

You can see here that the sides didn’t quite meet, so I used the bits that hung over the top in the gaps to make it work.

Then you chop up the steak if it’s not already cut. Put it in the seasoned flour and mix well, ensuring all the meat is covered.

Using the covered steak and chopped onion and mushrooms, you are going to layer them alternately into the pastry lined pudding basin.

Pour in any remaining flour from the meat, then sprinkle on the beef oxo.

Pour over cold water carefully until the pudding is about 3quarters full. Don’t overfill the water as it will leak over when cooking.

Now, its time to put the lid on. Roll out the remaining pastry until it is big enough to cover the pudding.

Wet the edges of the pudding and gently put on the lid.

Whether you have a lid for your pudding basin or not, get some greaseproof paper a little bigger than your bowl.

Make a pleat in the paper. This allows your pie to breathe while preventing it from sticking to the lid.

If you have a lid, put it on the pudding after you have put on the paper. If you don’t have a basin lid, put tin foil over the paper and secure it using string

In your large pan, place the jam pot lid or metal cookie cutter at the bottom.

Put your pudding into the pan. Then slowly add water into the pan until it’s about 2thirds of the way up the pudding. Don’t overfill or the water will find it’s way into your pie.

Put the lid on the pan and put the pan on your hob on high, bringing it to the boil. Once it has boiled, reduce heat and simmer for approximately 4 hours.

This is an ideal dinner for those on a budget and a large family and is especially suited to those who have an aga or similar, as it will save cooking costs when you are already heating home.

Contact me for hints and tips on feeding your family on a budget.

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