Autism Awareness Workshops

Do you work within the Autism Sector? Do you have a child on the Spectrum? Are you an organisation who has employees working with people on the Autism Spectrum?

We offer you the opportunity to contract a trainer with over 15 years experience of living and working with people with additional needs.

By providing a one day workshop, we will equip you with the knowledge to understand life from the perspective of an autistic person. You will gain a deeper understanding of what Autism is and it’s history while gaining knowledge on strategies that avoid meltdown rather than looking at things after-the-fact!

We can offer continued ongoing consultation support around the following aspects:

  • Behaviour Support Plans
  • Activity planning, training and implementation
  • Development of daily/weekly schedules
  • How to manage behaviours that challenge
  • How to teach sexual appropriateness
  • Visual Communications

We can also offer:

  • Private consultations
  • Group training & discussions
  • Business & organisational training & development

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