Our History

Training Solutions Kilkenny was founded by Jeanette Smith in 2018, with a vision to help and support people who are working with the vulnerable population.

From working with neurodiverse individuals, people who have suffered adversities, and those who present with behaviours of concern, Jeanette noticed there was a lack of hands-on training for people both entering these professions and those already in them. She felt that vulnerable individuals were not getting their needs met by those who serve them, from a lack of training, understanding, and genuinely not knowing what to expect when stepping into the professions. She found that professionals needed extra support and training in these areas to feel adequately equipped to do their job to the best of their ability.

It is our belief that all people should have an equitable life, and we can help people to achieve that by training professionals in supporting those who are most vulnerable, helping them in their role to serve, understand and support those who need it most.

Thank you so much for the past five weeks. I originally started out with “yes that is a course I would like to do and see what information I could get!” But, WOW! did you deliver on it. Every module left me waiting and wanting more from the next. Selena did an amazing job delivering the course, Selena was so professional, but also like the person you knew would have the answers to what you needed to know. Although I do not work in challenging settings like most within the course, it still gave me so much information and strategies going forward in helping my preschool children that are presenting with different challenges and have not met the system yet, so I will be looking forward to using all your information and the knowledge that has been passed on through this course in helping my setting going forward.

Caroline McGowan, Preschool Owner

Huge congratulations on creating such a worthwhile and meaningful course. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and have learned so much. Laura is a very very engaging, knowledgeable and skilled tutor…..I am delighted that I discover this course

Felicity Geraghty,

I love your approach to the course, Jeanette. You deliver it with such passion and kindness. As an Asd mum, and SNA in a special class, it’s been my pleasure in attending your course. I have learned so much and I’m inspired to develop myself more to help others as it’s a area where parents and children could do with everyone’s support as you well know.

June Sherlock, ASD parent, SNA.

Thank you so much for the great course you presented, Jeanette. It was an eye opener for me as I don’t work in the everyday environment of childcare. I loved the whole course and would love to be so knowledgeable like you are. You have a lovely way of passing on the information making the 2.5 hours go by so quick

Rachael Dunleavy, Foster Carer

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