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Neurodiversity Consultancy - Behaviour Training - Acceptance & Inclusion Training
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Knockshanbally, Johnswell

Co. Kilkenny R95 KX48

+353 56 7819111

Sales & Customer Support

Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 17:00

Our Logo Story

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You may have wondered about the imagery we chose for our logo.

What does it mean?

This image is all about self-refection and experiential learning.

It is loosely based on Kolb’s (1984) Learning Cycle.

Our approach to learning emphasises our constructivist and humanistic approach to learning. This basically means that we believe people learn better and learn more through experience and participation.

We go through various stages in our learning process before we apply our new knowledge to the experience.

Stage 1: The experience.

This is a task or activity that we are actively involved in. Whether a new experience or something we have experienced before

Stage 2: Observation and Reflection

We think about the experience. We reflect on it and have the opportunity to talk to others about the experience. This gives us chance to question it, and see if our understanding of the experience is on point.

Stage 3: Develop Ideas

We begin to make sense of the experience and come to conclusions. We might align it with something else we’ve learned in the past, making comparisons and connections between old learning and new.

Stage 4: Testing New Ideas

Now, to put our new knowledge to practice. Except, this time, we can analyse and plan for the predicted outcome.

By using this process, we make learning relevant to our daily lives, which helps learners retain knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of what they’re learning and doing.

It creates space for critical thinking and questioning of old knowledge to make way for new ideas.

But the dot in the middle of the learning cycle??

Well, that’s you!

We’re all a master of our own learning and the centre of our own universe…where else would you be?!

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