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Neither Seen Nor Heard

Neither Seen Nor Heard

I have spent the last two hours watching the review of the report: Neither Seen Nor Heard – A Child’s Rights Review on the Use of Restraint and Seclusion in Educational Settings in Northern Ireland.

Listening to the parents’ perspectives on what their children have gone through in school! Seeing the photographs of clearly distressed children!

I’ve seen the UK statistics on Restrictive practices within the UK, including physical, mechanical, and chemical restraint, as well as seclusion, expulsion and suspension, and it was shocking. But nothing brings it home more than listening and watching the real life stories.

Restrictive practices should not be used! Why, in this day and age, are these practices still be used and taught to be used on our children, young people and vulnerable adults? Do people not realise the amount of trauma these practices cause?

People who are subject to these types of interventions have a higher chance of mental health issues, including self-harm, suicidality, addiction, depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

People with disabilities are already at risk of these mental health difficulties, without adding restrictive practices into the mix.

Is it not about time we changed the way we did things? Stop seeing behaviour as naughtiness and start seeing it as exactly what it is….communication!!

Understand what the person is trying to communicate to you, and there will be no crisis. No crisis, means no restraint or seclusion.

Restraint should ONLY by use IF it is 100% necessary to keep the person safe from harm. Not as a punitive measure and not to make the practitioners life easier. It should ONLY be used if all other therapeutic measures have been exhausted. And realistically, it should NEVER even be necessary if you are meeting the needs of the person.

Bottom line….we are happy if our needs are met. This is true of every person.

You can watch the review here

If you would like to become a Trauma Informed Practitioner and learn how to reduce restrictive interventions, check out our course Trauma Informed Care and Behaviour Management, starting next on Thursday 3rd February 2022 at 6.30pm.


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