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Parental Alienation

Is it child abuse?

The short answer is yes!

It absolutely is a form of child abuse.

Whether being done intentionally or unintentionally, alienating a child from another parent or grandparent can cause a lifetime of trauma to the child.

No child wants or needs to think of a parent as a bad person.

Yes, when there is a separation, it hurts. You feel lost. You feel let down. You feel worthless.

You might want to hurt back the other parent. You may use your child to do this.

Sometimes, without thought, you might speak ill of the other parent where your child might hear you.

You might do it on purpose. After all, are they deserving of their child’s love after what happened?

But the point is…no matter how much it hurts, no matter how much you want to hurt the other parent, the child or children do not, and must not be convinced to feel the same as you.

You can co-parent successfully after separation. You can make sure your child is not hurt in the process. You can make sure your child has a loving and secure relationship with both parents.

This will enable the child to grow up strong and resilient.

When a child is alienated from the other parent it causes lasting damage to them.

Speaking from a personal experience, I do not have a close relationship with my mother. Although, I have a relationship with my father now, it’s not as it should be had I had the chance to grow up with him.

Being an alienated child has created attachment issues, self-confidence and self-worth issues, that only started to be addressed since my 30’s.

Don’t let this be your child. Change the course for them and put your issues aside for their sake.

If you’d like to learn how to spot parental alienation and apply strategies as a social worker, family support worker or are simply interested in the topic, click here to purchase our short introductory course.

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