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First Workshop in the SNA workshop Series tonight

Thursday 28th June 2020

Tonight was the first of many online live workshops in my newly designed and developed workshop series for Special Needs Assistants.

This workshop series has been specially designed to help SNA’s see the world from the kids perspective. To learn to understand that children are simply that, children! That their “disorder” or “deficit” does not and should not define them.

By developing this awareness, Special Needs Assistants will be in a unique position to understand and manage the behaviours that may present as “challenging” in the children they support.

Tonight’s workshop Autism Awareness, A Brief Overview was a great success and surpassed my expectations.

For that, I would like to thank a number of people, who without them, it was destined to fail:

  • My partner Keith for his support, encouragement and unwavering belief in my abilities
  • My children, also for their support, specifically Willem and Lucas for teaching me Zoom and letting me use them as participants in practice runs.
  • Andrew from @Entrepreneur Success who has taught me so many things in such a short time and given me that kick up the arse to actually DO rather than waiting for shit to happen.
  • My friends Stacey and Wendy for their support and joining the zoom classes to give me moral support on the day.
  • My dog, who everyday, faithfully “comes to work with me” as he gets up when I say I’m going to work, walks down to the office with me and lays by my side or at my feet.
  • And, of course, the participants. Without whom, there would be no course.
  • And not forgetting the tech..Facebook, which I have advertised on for free, WordPress who I used to build my website and Google for making my life a little bit easier.

Here’s to a long career of self employment and entrepreneurship, and another strong willed woman trying to change the world for the better.

2 thoughts on “First Workshop in the SNA workshop Series tonight

  1. I really enjoyed the first workshop this evening, Autism Awareness, a brief overview, I felt the course helped me to refresh and update my skills, thank you Jeanette

    1. Thank you Jennifer, for attending and taking an active role. There’s no success without the participants 😁

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