This lovely side is so easy to make, especially if you own a food processor! You’ll never need to buy it again.

This recipe makes a substantial amount, so if you want smaller quantities, reduce the amount of vegetables you use.

I use, for 6 adults for sides and sandwiches for 3-4 days..

  • A quarter of a white cabbage
  • 1 whole large carrot
  • 1 whole onion
  • A good amount of Mayonnaise or salad cream

It doesn’t matter what onion you use. I like to use red because it’s milder in flavour when raw and adds a lovely bot of colour to the salad.

Let’s make it!

Using the fine slicing tool on your food processor, shred the cabbage and onion.

Change the slicing tool for the fine grating tool, then grate the carrot.

Empty the mix into a bowl, then add your mayonnaise or salad cream. We make 2 bowls because some of us prefer mayonnaise and some prefer salad cream!

Enjoy it with your favourite salad or sandwich šŸ˜

To vary it up a little, you can use flavoured mayonnaise, like taco mayo or garlic mayo, or add some curry powder to the mix.

If you like a curried version, you can also add some sultanas or a little grated apple.

My chap likes cheese coleslaw, so we add a little grated cheese into his from time to time.

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