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SNA workshop Series

Are you a Special Needs Assistant? Do you employ Special Needs Assistants in your school or work environment?

This SNA workshop series is especially designed to help Special Needs Assistants to develop awareness of the challenging behaviours they are likely to encounter during the course of their work.

Run over 5 weeks these 2 hour workshops will equip learners with a range of skills and strategies to support their person during their school hours or work placement.

Our first webinar starts on 18th June 2020 at 7pm with “Autism Awareness, A Brief Overview”

This workshop will provide you with some information about Autism and Neurodiversity, including Asperger’s and Pathological Demand Avoidance. It will provide you with an understanding as to what Autism is and allow you to question your thoughts and beliefs about this complex neurological developmental spectrum of disorders. 

It explains what the Triad of Impairments are and discusses ways in which we can communicate better with the autistic community.

The webinar looks briefly at ‘Stimming’ and its importance to a person on the Spectrum before briefly discussing the importance of receiving diagnosis and early intervention.

Autism is such a vast topic it would be impossible to include everything, therefore we aim to grow your awareness on current issues and provide you with a foundation of understanding on where and why some challenging behaviours are stemming from.

If you are interested in joining this workshop, please register here.

Spaces are limited, so please ensure you book early.

Hope to see you there!

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