Leftovers – chicken pasta and chicken omelette.

Written by Jeanette Smith 9th June 2020

When you think you’ve nothing in the fridge, think again.

You just have to be a little inventive.

When it gets to this time of the week, we’re often heavily reliant on anything left over from the previous days, and today was no different.

So, in the fridge I had some leftover cooked, plain macaroni, chicken pieces with bone that had been hunters chicken (wrapped in bacon, cheese and in sauce!), duck, artisan (posh) sausages, and some worse for wear grated cheese.

1. Meal for 3: Chicken Pasta

Using the chicken up as it was cooked first…I made a pasta dish, using up the macaroni. I pulled the chicken and bacon off the bone, added some of that. Whacked it in the microwave to heat up a couple of minutes and topped it with grated cheese and ground black pepper. Yum!

It had some of the hunters chicken sauce in it which is kind of bbq-y, so it gave it a lovely flavour without the need for anything extra.

2.Meal for 3: Chicken, cheese and onion omelette

I used 3 eggs, a spring onion (scallion), some cheese that the lads had left open, so was a bit dry, and the rest of the hunters chicken and bacon.

Added some salt and pepper to taste. Chopped everything to bite size pieces and whisked it up with the eggs using a fork.

Popped some butter in a frying pan to melt, then added the egg mix.

Once it was cooked on one side, I flipped it over and cooked the other side until golden.

The kids had some duck sandwiches today and I’m using up the sausages in a meal tomorrow 😁

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