Feeling sorry for myself

I had a tooth pulled today. It’s not the nicest things to happen.

I’d been in pain for a couple of weeks, thought it might go away. But it didn’t! So, appointment I made with the dentist.

They gave me a prescription for pain relief and antibiotics and sent me on my way, telling me if it was no better after a week I should call them back.

It wasn’t any better. I called and made another appointment. But not a standard appointment.

The tooth that needed to come out was somehow attached to my sinus, so it was oral surgery I had to have!

Well, the surgeon was very good. She talked to me the whole way through the procedure, which took an hour.

I used my mindfulness practice to steady myself, and all through the procedure I concentrated on my breathing, focusing on my in and out breath.

It’s a very strange feeling having a tooth out near the sinus. I felt it in my nose!

And, it wasn’t an easy task, she had to use what I can only describe as a mini circular saw to cut half the tooth off. Then having to pull my gum up to get to the roots.

One at a time, they came out. And each one I felt through my nose! It is the single most weirdest sensation I have ever had. And I kept my breathing going.

Home now a few hours, armed with 2 lots of pain killers and several stitches in my gum and my bank balance €250 lighter!

On soft foods now for the next 48 hours and feeling very, very sorry for myself 😔

I will say, that this was the first time I had used mindful practice at the dentist. I’m so glad I did. It’s the first time I’ve left the dentist chair not shaking or weak. Not feeling nauseous or woozy.

And apart from the throbbing in my mouth, I’m feeling pretty ok. Thanks to a little bit of mindful practice and strong pain killers.

Who knew mindulful practice would have such a positive impact on my life and on what would normally be quite a stressful experience.

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