Today’s 10 things to be grateful for.

Written by Jeanette Smith 31st May 2020

Reasons to be thankful.

This is your challenge. To think of 10 things to be grateful for right now. At the time you read this…

Here are mine

1. I woke up, and so did everyone else in the house.

2. My dog: look at this beauty 😍

Photo by Keith Delahunty

3. The sunshine: it’s absolutely glorious outside and the recent weather has enabled us to get so much done in the garden. I love good weather.

4. My laptop: I would be lost without it, and would have achieved very little in starting the business!

5. My family: it’s touch and go with tempers, what with us all being home due to covid19, but I love them and I’m so grateful I was blessed with the family I have.

6. Nature: It would be a very sad world without it. There is such wonder and awe out there right at our fingertips.

7. My motivation and ambition. I’m a stubborn bugger and I’m determined to succeed. Well, at least try to!

8. I’m not afraid to fail. I’d prefer to try and fail than not try at all.

9. Food. It comes quite high on my list of loves. Right up near family 😍 I quite simply love food and am quite passionate about that and what I put into our bellies. I’m grateful too that I can cook!

10. Sunsets. No explanation needed.

Photo by Keith Delahunty

Now, let’s see yours!

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