Covid payments Ireland..update

Just to keep you all in the loop about the way the system is working. And It’s taken me weeks to get this far with information…

I sent in an appeal last week in relation to my stopped payment. I had to provide evidence from my previous employers that payments being made to me were for historical work, which had been completed prior to lockdown.

The reason I am not in receipt of the payment, depsite the fact that I am not working is because I am still registered as employed through UCC until the end of May as it is term time employment. I am due to receive a grand total of €20 at the end of this month for the 1 hour I completed for them on 1st April.

This is what the Social Welfare are classing as “Revenue Overlap”.

For all of you out there in the same situation. You need to appeal with documentation stating that you are not employed during the lockdown and any payments you are receiving are as a result of work carried out prior to lockdown.

I sent my documents last Wednesday, of which the UCC had kindly supplied to me.

I received no payment on Tuesday! I called the Covid Section, for the millionth time.. For anyone that needs it the number is 1890 800 024.

I spoke to a very nice chap who finally told me he would speak with his supervisor to see what was going on as he was unsure why the system was still not allowing payment after receipt of the appeal.

He called me back yesterday, with good and bad news.

The good news is, the social welfare have issued me with an emergency payment this week.

The bad news is that the Revenue Overlap system cannot be changed to allow payments to come to me or anyone else in the same situation, until 32 days have lapsed from last receiving a payment for employment.

Therefore, it will be the end of June/start of July before they can reissue Covid Payments to me as my last payment from UCC will be at the end of this week.

In the interim, I must wait until the Wednesday of each week to see if an emergency payment has issued to me. If not, I must call them to try and get an emergency payment issued or contact my Community Welfare Officer.

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