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The covid payment saga continues

So, again (still) there has been no payment into the account. My last one being 21st April. So almost a month without money.


Because apparently I’m still employed and being paid by UCC.

This is who I work for, for 1 hour per week during term time only. My last class being 1st April.

Just to note that so far I have lost 4 weeks of covid payment because of the 4 hours I was paid at the end of April, for what I worked in March!

The UCC are refusing to take my off their system. I will be paid for 1 hour, (which I worked on 1st April) at the end of this month. A total of €20!! Which the government expects me to survive on.

So, because of the way the government covid system is set up, if you receive any kind of payment from an employer at all, no matter how much or how little, they will stop your covid payment. Even if you are paid a quid!

There’s no fall back option.

The community welfare officer can’t help. Because it’s all being dealt with through the new covid scheme. I’ve tried applying for jobseeker’s payment but no one is dealing with those claims and everyone is being put on the covid scheme!

The system is flawed. Highly, highly flawed.

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