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Courses for Social Care.

I am currently designing courses for a social care provider who specialises in Supervised Access.

Theses are including:

  • In Introduction to Parental Alienation
  • Family Reunification Awareness and Interventions
  • Basic Family Law Ireland
  • Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviour – An Access Facilitators Perspective
  • Report Writing for Social Care and Supervised Access

I’m considering putting these courses online for everyone who might benefit from them.

Please comment your thoughts on:

  • Should they be made available to everyone?
  • Should there be a registration fee?

Thank you in advance.

2 thoughts on “Courses for Social Care.

  1. I am interested in social care courses as a foster parent providing emergency and respite care, I think these courses would be valuable. Hoping I can attend

    1. Hi Maura, we are currently offering the certificate in behaviour interventions and understanding complex needs, which might be of benefit to you. Our other courses are not available as yet, but we hope to have them ready in the new year.

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