Saturday night was date night

Hot pepper sauce recipe

Written by Jeanette Smith 4th May 2020

Covid19 aside, we had date night on Saturday night.

The hubby-to-be went to an Artisan butchers in Kilkenny city and purchased the 2 biggest t-bone steaks I have ever seen..like, they were literally the size of a dinner plate and about an inch thick!

We had these served with potatoes, carrots, fried onions and mushrooms. I made my own pepper sauce to accompany it.

We ate at the very posh Delahunty House restaurant. Best restaurant in town, haha.

There was soooooo much meat.

Naturally our eyes were bigger than our bellies and we managed to eat half the steak.

We popped the rest in the fridge and made the most amazing steak sandwiches for our lunch on Sunday

Thank you to https://www.breagaghvalleymeats.ie/

How to make pepper sauce without cream:

Dissolve a beef oxo in a cup of boiling water.

Put a lob of butter in a saucepan and fry off about a quarter of a finely diced onion.

Add in about a teaspoon of ground white pepper and a teaspoon of crushed black peppercorns.

Give it a stir, then add a teaspoon of cornflour. Remove from heat while you stir this in.

Slowly add the beef stock using a whisk to mix it in. Keep stirring until it’s brought to the boil.

If desired, add a drop of milk. We use skimmed.

If it’s too thick, add more water or milk until you reach the right consistency for your taste.


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