A beautiful morning

By Jeanette Smith 3rd May 2020

I awoke this morning to my phone buzzing quietly on my dresser and that urgent need to go to the bathroom!

It was 9am. I checked my phone and found a message from my butcher @dick.dooley letting me know that he’d left me some meat..

I had ordered a duck for Sunday dinner, but the duck was unavailable. So, my amazing butcher said he’d surprise me.

I got up and dressed and went outside.

Passing through the kitchen, I found Bullie had been sick, so meat in the fridge and, lucky me..I got to clean up dog vomit.

Then out for our morning walk. I can’t stress how important it is to keep some kind of routine going during these uncertain times.

We walked around the mountain. It takes about 40minutes.

Just look at the amazing views.

Then, it’s time to take stock and have a few minutes of mindfulness while we take our half way rest. (I need it more than the dog does, haha)

We live in such a beautiful world.

Back to the house for breakfast.

We decided to have breakfast al fresco. I made a ham and tomato sandwich using spelt bread, with a decaf tea.

While Bullie kept guard!

Patiently hoping I drop something!

And now, I work!

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