Bubble and Sqeak

How many of you throw away your leftovers?

If so, why?

Leftovers are so versatile. There are many different ways they can be used up, where more fickle family members wont even know they’re eating them!

On Monday, for example we had turkey curry. I made this using up some left over turkey from our Sunday roast. No one knew differently.

Simply fry up some veg, add in a jar of sauce or your spices and tinned tomatoes, then add in your chopped up leftover meat to heat through and serve with rice! Done!

On Wednesday we had bangers and mash with cabbage. We had a little bit of mash and cabbage left, so I popped them in a bowl and left them know the fridge.

Today then I made bubble and squeak.

If you don’t know what this is, it’s similar to colcannon.

So, I warmed some butter in a frying pan, then added in the mash and cabbage and gave it a good mix, adding in some cheese to melt into it.

This is real comfort food and would be something from my childhood.

Keith used up burgers that were cooked for Saturday’s bbq. He simply cut them up and put them in a wrap with some salad and mayonnaise.

Let me know what’s in your fridge and I’ll give you ideas on what you can make with it. 😁

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