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Covid19 Payment Ireland warning..

So, I applied for the government covid19 payment like many others out there.

For some very bizarre reason they decided to send my weekly payment to a post office for collection! I know, right?? Encouraging social distancing and self isolation, and they make me go out week after week, risking my life to collect it.

Then my son’s received it….into their banks. I was a little peeved and confused. How come theirs went to the bank, but mine to the post office?

So, I contacted them. They advised me that I just needed to fill in the change of payment method form which I could download from their website. Brilliant.

I did this…meanwhile, I continue to go to the post office, week after week. But by going to the post office, I also have to go to the bank to put the money in there, or the direct debits etc, wont get paid!

A few weeks later I received an email advising me that they cannot facilitate the change of payment details in that office, and it was something I must do myself using the website.

Great! Why couldn’t the first lady I spoke to have told me this?? Instead, I’m filling in forms, waiting, risking my life, time and time again! Thanks for that!!

So, online I went. I selected covid19 payment and selected ‘change payment method’ I went through the process and received the notification that it had been done. That was last Thursday.

I heard nothing from the social welfare office to advise it was successful. Checking my bank account Monday evening and Tuesday morning. Nothing!

Sure, it must have gone to the post office. Maybe the change happened too late on Thursday for it to process on time for this weeks payment.

Again then to the post office. I hand over my card and the lady scanned it. Scanned it again. Then informed me that there was no payment available. She advised me to contact the social welfare office.

I called them a number of times on Tuesday. No reply..all day. Kept checking my account in case of delay. Nothing!

Nothing in the account Wednesday. Eventually got through to the office, but no one seemed to know what had happened. I was told it would be investigated and someone would call me back.

Later on in the day, the call finally arrived. Only to have it explained to me that there is some kind of glitch in the system and somehow, by requesting a change in payment method, it inadvertently cut me off.

I was a tad upset to say the least. I’m down a weeks money. I asked the lady with hope, “will you be able to pay it in with next week’s then?”. To which she informed me that it does not work like that. Unfortunately, there is no back pay of the covid payment. She also told me that I must now reapply for the payment as the system cut me off and they cannot reinstate it. She gave me 20 minutes to reapply, informing me that if it wasn’t in by 1pm, I would miss another week!!

So, everyone. Whatever your payment method currently is for your government covid19 payment, leave it well alone. Don’t listen to them when they tell you it can be changed and don’t be fooled by the ability to carry out the process on their own online system. You will miss out of money. And they do not, at this moment, see any possibility of payments being backdated.

Lesson learned about yet another flawed system.

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