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Daily diary update

Well, I slept on today, which is quite unusual, and we got up at about 11am.

Showered while the hubby-to-be walked amd fed the dog and took care of the chucks.

Breakfast was a simple tea and toast, using spelt and honey bread with some bon mamon jam….I know, right? How posh are we??? (Truth be told, it was on special offer. I only buy it when it’s on special offer, and it’s the only brand I’ve found that makes black cherry jam, so is a rare treat!).

After breakfast, we organised ourselves for our weekly outing. We now look forward to this as we never did before this virus…

The decision….who’s car should we take? Today we took mine. Its probably been around 5 or 6 weeks since I even started it, so it was a test….and yay! It starts first time 👏👏 Although it was touch and go for a moment, once the engine kicked in. (My car is hybrid)..

So, off we went to town, to collect my Covid payment and get some shopping.

We arrive at the post office to find one of the many queues we encounter these days…2 metre social distancing all the way round the corner! Feck it…let’s shop!

Luckily, we’re not heavily reliant on the covid payment. Not that its something to brag about as there’s so many out there that are reliant on it. But we are one of the fortunate ones, where I have savings to rely on if all else fails!

So we do our shopping. We arrive at lidl. For the 3rd week in a row, there’s no restrictions! Literally nothing! Like wtf? No one on the door stopping you from going in. I’m not saying they’re being irresponsible, but…

Maybe they’re not trying to make the public feel like children. Maybe they’re instilling trust in the nation to do the right thing without being told. But, seriously? How many people out there can use common sense and abide by the restrictions without being told and constantly reminded??

Probably quite a few! But quite a few others that need to be told!! People literally cut in front of us in the supermarket. And it was swamped. More customers than usual if it had been a regular Tuesday! Don’t think there were ever that many customers on a Tuesday that they’ve had to open more checkouts!

Anyway, by-the-by..we completed our lidl shop as much as possible. We then had to go to Mr Price and Eurospar, because unfortunately, due to the corona virus we can’t get everything in one shop.

So, we go back to the post office for the payment to find it’s not there! At this moment in time, I still have no idea where it is because it wasn’t available to be collected as in previous weeks but is also not in my bank account..

I tried to call…and…quel surprise…no reply!!

We continued with our shop to get the rest of the items on the list (sadly and traumatically from many different stores).. and returned home to pop it all away in the cupboards.

Can you tell yet that I dislike shopping?

After our shop, we arrived home and put it all away. The small human helped as he had completed his schooling while we were gone.

My adorable man made me a fake mc.fillet of fish for my lunch. Lush! (Anyone else missing McDonald’s?)

Shopping away and fake maccy d’s eaten..time to give child no.4 (Willem, 19) a driving lesson in his little car!

Oh lord!

I’m an anxious passenger, so it’s very difficult for me, but we did it. And it’s important for our mini me’s to learn and grow. So I suck it up! As any normal parent would..

At Paulstown service station I am delighted with my purchase as I buy a brand new in car first aid kit for my car, (my other one is at least 10 years old) such a good price, on special offer at €8!!! Awesome!

We return home, safe and sound, much to my delight.

I then receive two lots of good news…or at least some hope!

First, I receive a call from a training company asking if I am interested and willing to conduct training of healthcare modules online…hell yeah!

Second, I receive an email invitation for an online interview and mock class for an English Language School.

It’s getting late at this stage. I began to prepare for my interview, getting my new headset ready that I purchased from Amazon(I’m delighted with)..

Then, my chap comes to me and says he’s going to put on Ricky Gervais’ new stand up “Humanity”

I closed everything down and made my way to the living room.

Well, I have to say…hilarious. He’s a very funny guy, and to be honest, he’s fairly on the ball and to the point. (I’ll probably get in trouble for that!)

Well, it was a lovely day. A few glasses of wine while we watched the comedy show to relax and unwind. Good conversation and even the lads joined us for a while.

Naturally I had a moment of bullying the youngest. (I pinned him down and tortured him for calling me a fat bitch…so I taught him what it was like to grow up with evil siblings!! Seemed only right, especially as his brother’s are so much nicer than mine ever were 😂😂).

Then old movie, pizza and bed! Fab day….

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