Uneventful morning!

I was awakened this morning by some almighty noise going on. For a moment I forgot I lived in the countryside with no houses nearby, and thought I was in an estate, much like where i grew up. Houses all around with a very noisy next door neighbour!

It took me a moment to realise it was coming from the attick.

Now, it’s not a little kind of scratching like a mouse or rat would make. It was more like a mammy making breakfast and getting the children ready for school kind of noise!

I listened for about an hour while my hubby-to-be snored gently beside me, wondering how he was sleeping through it.

Eventually I got up, leaving himself snoozing.

Up, dressed and ready to go. Into the kitchen, to be greeted by my big beautiful rottweiler, Bullie.

He gets out of his bed when he hears me moving around and sits at the door waiting patiently for me to appear. It’s funny how he knows who’s up. Anyone else gets up, he stays right where he is, in his bed!

So, off we go for our morning walk. Another beautiful day, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything else is peaceful.

I bring with me the scraps of food from the previous day, ready to feed the chickens on the way.

In the scraps there are fruit and vegetables, some leftover dinner and dessert. They love the scraps, I think even more than the grass.

So Bullie and I go into the chicken pen to open up the coop. Bullie loves to come with me in the mornings. He’s so good with the chickens. He’s never bothered with them. In fact, he’s actually a little scared of them truth be told. He moves fairly fast if they go towards him, it’s quite funny to see a big scary rottie hide behind my legs when the chucks get over excited!!

One egg today! Not sure where they’re laying them. Somewhere in the garden I think. But we collect the egg and open the back gate up for them to go out into the garden. They are free range chickens, living the life. Before us, they had never seen grass, or the sky, rain, snow, etc. You see, they’re rescue hens from a battery farm, which we adopted rather than them going to slaughter. They are simply the most amazing little creatures. I just adore them.

Ok, chickens done! Now to walk. We only got outside the front gate and Bullie got sick! We think he ate something he shouldn’t of yesterday evening, but whatever it was, came out this morning! Feeling better? Yep…

Off we go, down the country lane, taking on all the sights, sounds and smells. But what’s that following us? It’s a red squirrel! Just as I managed to get my phone out to take a photo, he ducked into the hedge!

This is the guy that was on our outside wall at the end of summer last year..

And then, it all makes sense. He’s been hibernating, and I reckon it’s him that was making all that noise in the attick this morning! Not entirely certain what we can do about him though. Is it safe to leave a squirrel living in the attick? Can they do damage? I definitely don’t want to kill him. It’s quite rare to see a red squirrel.

Back in the house, I sit looking up about red squirrels and past the kitchen window a small herd of cattle run by! Random when there’s no one with them! So, I’m on the case to contact one of the local farmers to let them know.

Only in the countryside would you have this much excitement in only a couple of hours! And this was all before breakfast đŸ˜‚

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