Daily diary update

After the events of the morning, the rest of the day was quiet.

We had a lovely breakfast of bacon, black and white pudding and hash brown, which I made into a sandwich with some chef ketchup.

And then off to work…all the way down in my home office, which my son Willem and man Keith made for me.

I tended to some training admin for one of my employers, then began working on an online training course in Basic Family Law as a continuous professional development programme for the same employer.

In between this, I helped out my son Willem in understanding his assignment question, and after a few hours and many emails, got another son’s homework sorted!

I also had to sort out some finances, because for some bizarre reason, when you do an account switcher, they never go according to plan!

My lovely man made me a gorgeous salad for lunch, then later in the afternoon I continued working on a book I’m trying to write.

When my youngest came in to ask what I was doing, I told him I was writing a book and he laughed. In fact, I’d say he laughed so hard he almost wet himself!! I’m not entirely sure why. Whether he thinks I’m not capable, I don’t know. But he certainly found it amusing. I won’t let it stop me though. If anything, it makes me more determined.

I’m a good teacher and I’ve had very positive feedback since I began my teaching journey, so why not try and give my knowledge and skills to others? I’m going to give it a go. And I know it will be hard work, but I have already written a chapter, so I might as well continue.

Naturally, then I made dinner. I cheated today..

I sauteed off some onion, green pepper and mushrooms, then used 2 jars of bhuna sauce. Fired in the left over Turkey from yesterday’s dinner and served with boiled rice and naan bread. I don’t use jars of sauce very often, but they’re handy to have in the house for days like today, when I’ve been so bogged down with work stuff, I’ve quite forgotten the time, and forgotten to take meat out of the freezer!

It was still delicious. Just not as healthy as homemade curry sauces would be.

No exercise apart from the walk this morning, and now it’s time for rest and relaxation..and I’m exhausted, and so is my pooch.

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