Daily diary update

Well, it’s certainly not as warm today. Doesn’t entice me to go outside to exercise!

I completed my 7 days of exercise again last week. Albeit not a great amount. I had 2 long walks and 1 day of alternative exercise, the rest of the days were just short walks. But, I still achieved the 7 days.. so that’s positive.

Today I have rewarded my achievement by baking some beautiful scones and flap jacks. I have rye bread proving and a lovely roast in the oven 😋

Buttermilk fruit scones
Rye bread..on its second prove!

I’ve also prepared a fruit crumble tart using up some old apples and pears for today’s dessert. Lush!

Fruit crumble tart, ready for the oven!

I’ve had my trusty assistant by my side, washing up and cleaning up after me. My wonderful chap Keith. He’s a handy fella to have around and I’m a lucky lady 😍.

Also today I have completed an online interview and mock class for 2 different English Language Schools. So now I have to wait and see if I pass those…I’ll know in a couple of days 🤞Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Plus I sent my CV to 2 training companies who are looking for online teaching staff. I remain positive that being without classes is very temporary.

Aaand…I also received some great news this weekend….I have been accepted into college to study a Masters degree, which I’m delighted with. Yay! Go me 👏👏

Later on, I will put up a simple recipe for a meat and vegetable pie that anyone can make. It’s cheap, cheerful and filling. We didn’t have it for dinner today, we had it yesterday, but it’s really very easy and I’m sure you’ll love it 😁

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