Taking care of dogs during the heat.

My dog is my baby. He’s the only one of the family still 100% dependent on his humans to look after him,  to make sure his needs are met. And I love him ❤

Laying in the shade on the tiles to keep cool.

It’s important to protect your dogs because they’re not in a position to take care of themselves.

In the heat we’ve been experiencing there’s a few things that you can do to help look after them.

  1. Bring them inside, where they can keep cool. Bullie likes to lay on the cold tiles in the kitchen.
  2. Open the windows for some fresh air and if you have air conditioning or a fan, use them.
  3. Make sure they have plenty of fresh cold water. Change it during the day so it doesn’t go warm.
  4. When you go for a walk, time it so it’s not at the hottest time of day. Keep your pet in during the hottest time.
  5. When walking, check the concrete or tarmac. If it’s too hot for you to keep your hand on it, then it’s too hot for their paws.
  6. If you can, keep them walking on grass to avoid their pads getting too hot.
  7. Never bring them out in the car during this heat. Definitely never leave them in the car while you go to the shops, or anywhere else. Your car is a greenhouse to your dog. A dog can die in 15 minutes in a hot car, so don’t do it. Not even for a moment!
Walking on the grass to protect my pads.
Waiting for mammy to get me fresh water. I drooled in the other one!

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