Little things to look after your mental health.

Ok so, I didn’t do as well as last week on the exercise. 6 out of 7 days, and I really didn’t try hard.

In the spirit of self indulgence when you’re feeling down (because I did worse than last week, go figure…it’s real and I know there’s others out there like me), I’ve had a total “spoil me” day! This day was necessary. And we have to do days like these to look after ourselves.

It started with a lovely walk with my man and dog, followed by a real nostalgia breakfast..

Fried spam, eggy bread and beans

That brought me back to our camping days!

While I was studying later on, my lovely chap brought me a fruit bowl and prepared most of the dinner so I didn’t have to.

When I was finished with my studies, I continued organising the dinner, made some sausage rolls and Yorkshire puddings.

Look at those bad boys!

We enjoyed a lovely family meal together of roast chicken and all the trimmings..followed by apple strudel and custard 🤤 Real comfort food!

Then bathtime. Lovely hot soak in the tub and spent time pampering myself…trimming nails, doing my hair, etc.

Now I feel human again and ready to start a fresh tomorrow.

Remember to take care of yourself during these times. A little pamper, a little comfort food, some exercise and some cuddles..

Mental health pick me up 😁

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