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Rottweilers for mental health.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love my dog.

This is Bullie, the sweetest, daftest Rottie!

I brought you a stick!

It’s literally impossible to be miserable around him. He knows if you’re sad or angry and makes you get out of it.

How can he be comfy?

He’ll point blankly refuse to walk with you if you’re upset! He’ll sit by my ankles and tells you off until he sees you soften.

He sits on your lap if you’re sad, despite his size and pure lack of knowledge about it!

And boy, does he love his humans. Especially this guy!

Literally impossible to be sad. Look at that face ❤

And working from home?? Forget it…

Love me mammy!

Not even allowed to work in the office without him checking in on me!

What are we working on? Can I help?

And if he can’t find anyone to cuddle, you’ll find him on the kids bed or on the sofa waiting until we sit down, so he can mooch over all sneaky..

Plus, he loves his walks and playing outside. He loves life!

Feeling sad? Get a dog. Need a hug? Get a dog. Lack exercise? Get a dog.

Seriously, there’s actual evidence that owning a pet can reduce depression, improve your physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

Just look at that baby! How could you not want one??

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