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Juggling Jobs

Homeschooling and baking while taking a break from laptop work!

Like many of us now, I am working from home. Trying to get my business off the ground.

I quit my job a couple of months ago on the promise of teaching hours, and just as the hours were starting to build up…BANG! Corona Virus hits and shuts everything down.

So, every day I try and do something for me…for my business of becoming a self employed independent tutor.

I also do some work for my current 2nd employer, who has asked me to write a Policies and Procedures document, and continue with creating CPD courses for the employees…

Then there’s my learners…the ones I’m invested in and want to see them succeed in all they do. So, naturally I am here for them for queries and assignment support, despite no longer getting paid for it. But I take pride in seeing it through and supporting people as best I can.

In amongst this…I have all the boys at home (almost all, eldest lives in the UK). The youngest is getting school work every day, which, of course I have to help him with when his teachers are lackadaisy and don’t bother to reply to his queries..

One of the twins needs assistance with assignments..

The eldest, although in the UK needed interview skills support..

The other twin needs a swift kick up the arse!

And one lad needs to continue his driving lessons…

Of course, all of the regular things still need to be done, which thankfully the hubby-to-be is quite adept at.

But we’re trying to ensure everyone’s mental health is kept positive during these times, and finding everyone a job to do everyday so they don’t simply vegetate in front of their gadgets is probably the hardest thing to organise along with the age old question of “what will I cook for dinner today?”

Thankfully I like to be kept busy, and for anyone else who, like me, is trying to get a work-life balance going while remaining in isolation, it’s important to ensure you get out for some fresh air, in your yard, garden or a walk close by, and take some important time for yourself. Even if it’s some deep breathing exercises for 2 minutes in the comfort of your bathroom!!

Look at the picture, taking in all of it. While doing this, take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold it for 3-4 seconds. Then breathe out slowly through your mouth. Repeat the process for a minimum of 2 minutes, concentrate on your stomach expanding and deflating as you breathe. Try to do this at least once a day.

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