Day 3 – different route

Different route today, although not quite as long. Had to double back on ourselves due to other people’s dogs being loose, so didn’t get to go the route we wanted.

It’s a little unfair that we have to worry about it. We’re following the rules. Our big, beautiful, gentle rottweiler has to be muzzled, with a short lead and someone over 16 years old walking him, just because he’s a rottweiler. Despite the fact that he’s never hurt anyone, and it’s highly unlikely he ever would.

But we follow the rules.

But because rottweilers still have this “dangerous breed” label, it means we have to worry. Because we know that no matter what, if something happens it’ll be our dog that’s blamed. Because he’s “dangerous”.

It won’t be the dog that’s running loose, barking, nipping and snarling at us.

It won’t be little dog, oh! A little dog wouldn’t bite, would it?

It definitely wouldn’t be the old faithful family labrador (who, I might add are statistically more likely to bite than any other breed of dog!)..but that’s ok, cause they’re not labelled dangerous.

So, we worry. We follow the rules. And because of this, we too are restricted.

Restricted to where we can go, away from our home. Restricted where we can go, near our home. And it’s not the dogs fault. Nor ours.

It’s about time that countries looked at their “restricted breeds” and reevaluate them. It’s often not the dog that’s the problem, but the way they are raised. The way they’re treated often defines their behaviour.

Why should we have to worry when we bring our gentle giant for a walk?

Remove the label. Break the stigma.

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