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Knockshanbally, Johnswell

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+353 56 7819111

Sales & Customer Support

Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 17:00

New beginning…again!

I was doing so well. What with our upcoming wedding in July. Last September I embarked on a journey to try and be healthier. I joined the gym and streamlined my diet.

It wasn’t too difficult to adapt my diet. I cook from scratch for the majority of the time. The biggest changes I had to make were to stop with the biscuits in the evening, cut down on portion sizes, cut out the wine/beer (which wasn’t often, but when I drink, I drink excessively) and stop eating my baking!

Going to the gym proved a little harder. Finding the time was the biggest problem. I would try and get in at least once a week and on a good week, I would get in 3 times. Each session would last about 30minutes.

In 6 months I lost 7lbs. I felt better, my clothes fit better, I felt beautiful in my new wedding dress, I bought some new clothes…


Corona virus hit! No work. No gym. Limited food supplies. Postponed wedding.

The gym was my motivation for exercise. I don’t go walking normally unless it’s to give the dog a walk, but that’s not far! My dog is super lazy!

My wedding was my motivation to keep my food habits healthy.

With the boredom setting in, all I seem to do is snack on all the wrong foods, I’m drinking again, not excessively or every day, but it’s not restricted to the weekend. And I’m not exercising.

So, feeling shit and bloated this morning, I decided to step on the scales…its been a while! And, to my absolute horror, in 3 weeks, I’ve gained back all 7lbs that I had lost..

So…on with the trackie bums (not that I’ve been out of them since this all began) and off for a walk with unsuspecting lazy rottweiler in tow!

I’m going to make a plan to exercise every day. And I NEED to get back on track with my healthy eating plan…

So, day 1. Today. Walk for 3km.

Healthy breakfast at about 11am of muesli with a drop of skimmed milk.

Snacked on some melon about 3pm then had a wholemeal seeded bap with ham &cheese salad in it at about 5pm. Followed by an apple.

I was so happy I got the walk in this morning, cause it’s been like this for the rest of the day.

This is me out on my walk.

It’s time for change. Or those new clothes I bought will be for nothing.

If you want to make some changes to your own lifestyle, get in touch and see how I can help you.

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