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In this uncertain world we’re living in right now…more than usual! There are 3 types of people you will come across:

1. Oh my God, I am never leaving the house again! Type of people. The ones that believe everything they read, all of the scare mongering. The ones that scream at my son to get out of the shop as “no kids are allowed” because “all children are carriers” type of person. Yes, this actually happened, and almost made my usually confident 13year old into a paranoid recluse!

2. Then on the opposite side you’re going to have the “you only live once” people. Those that say, “ah, sure, I could be dead tomorrow, what harm could it do. I’d rather die happy, doing what I love” etc etc, blah, blah blah. You know?? Those that don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves…

3. Then there are people like me. Law abiding, following the rules type of people, that say we will do what we’re told, abide by the rules and pray that we come out the other side. We say “what will be, will be” If it’s going to get me, at least we did what we could.

The first 2 types of people, we should fear, or at least be weary of, as fear is quite a strong emotion.

Type 1: increases scare mongering, protracts fear, instills fear in others, devalues others and discriminates thus spreading hate.

Type 2: Careless, reckless, only thinks about themselves and their moment. No thought for others and the damage they are causing.

If you’re Type 3: like me, then go you! You’re an unsung hero. You’re thinking before you act. You’re thinking about others and you’re trying to do what’s best. Keep it up. You’re doing great.

Everyone else, if you’re reading this, take note and change your ways. Do what’s right. Do what you can to avoid or delay the spread of this virus. Take heed now, before it’s too late. Read up on the facts and be careful what information you put out there. Kids have feelings too!

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