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Interview ready?

Interview ready! Nervous face….
In preparation for your interview, consider this:
1. Do you want the job?
2. How will getting the job or not getting the job impact you and your lifestyle?
3. What training or preparation will you need?

When you have answered these, you need to prepare. Here are my top 5 tips:
1. Do your homework. Who are you interviewing for? Find out about the company; exactly what the job entails; the companies mission statement.
2. Dress for success. Don’t turn up in ripped jeans and a t-shirt! No matter what the job is and how informal they tell you the interview will be. First impressions are still an intrinsic part of human behaviour.
3. Know your CV. Quite a substantial amount of employers ask you to talk them through it, so be sure there’s no anomalies.
4. Breathe. Try some deep breathing exercises before you go in. And during the interview, remember to take a breath so you don’t talk too fast. Give yourself time to absorb and respond to the questions.
5. Mind your manners and language. Doesn’t matter if it’s just an “informal chat” with someone you already know. It’s an interview. Keep it professional.
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