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Autism Spectrum Disorder is not an illness or disease. It is not contagious.

So why do some people feel the need to treat those with an ASD as second rate citizens? Why do some people cross the street to get away from them? Why are they bullied in school?

Lack of knowledge, understanding and education is why.

It’s time to learn more about ASD. People need to pull their heads out of their backsides and open their eyes.

Every single person on the Autism Spectrum has at least one special and amazing talent, from those who are classed as high functioning to those who are profoundly autistic. And not one of them should be treated any less respectfully as anyone else.

If you work with anyone with an ASD, find that talent and use it to get the very best from, and for that person. You’ll be amazed at the results..

Contact trainingsolutionskilkenny@gmail.com for information on courses, behaviour support plans, and ways to support people on the Autism Spectrum.

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