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It’s ok to say no from time to time.

If you’re like me, you might have an issue saying no!

I don’t know what it is, but I have this inherent need to please everyone else and the only time I seem able to say no is when I physically cannot do what I have been asked.

I find it very difficult to say no! It’s not easy. I’m ok with telling children No! when they want those sweets or chocolate because I know it’s not good for them, the same with having that extra hour on a gaming machine.

But if they – or anyone – asks me to bring them somewhere, or to help with money, or stay at my house, etc, I can’t seem to say no, even if it means making myself tired, broke, miserable, or having to change my plans in order to facilitate theirs.

Saying No! Is something I am learning to do more effectively. And saying No, without guilt is a huge challenge.

For those out there in the same boat, you need to know this:

  1. It’s ok to say No!
  2. It’s ok to prioritize your needs over that of someone else.
  3. Don’t feel bad for saying No! It’s not your fault they’re in that situation.
  4. Is it worth saying yes at the cost of your own happiness?
  5. Would they do the same for you if you were in the same situation? Chances are, probably not!

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