Be amazing

How you act and behave determines the type of people that surround you.

Confident, happy people tend to attract other confident, happy people and this in turn encourages more happiness and joy. These type of people also tend to be more successful, not necessarily financially but in life in general.

But having this confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Here are a few tips on building confidence:

  1. Set yourself small achievable goals and aim to accomplish one a day. Confidence is built on accomplishment so ensure you use baby steps to guarantee achievability.
  2. Check your posture. As odd as you may think it is, sitting up straight or standing up with your shoulders back and your head tall, you’ll be surprised how confident it makes you feel.
  3. Do something for others. Hold that door open, help that lady accross the street. Doing something for other people helps us to focus on them and be grateful for what we have as well as making us feel good about ourselves. When we feel good we automatically build confidence.
  4. Use positive self talk. Tell yourself something good about yourself everyday. Try practicing doing this out loud in the mirror. Whether it’s something like “I like my hair colour” or “Damn I’m good at making buns”. Affirmation is a great way to boost confidence.
  5. Do something that makes you smile or feel happy. It might be to listen to your favourite song, have a long bath, a cuddle with your partner or child, watch a movie, etc. Whatever it is, try and find something to do every day.

For more information about confidence building or the courses I run, please contact me at trainingsolutionskilkenny@gmail.com

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