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Who needs gaming machines?

Its the little things that make a difference to someone’s day. Put down the phone, tablet, or daily work and take an hour or two to enjoy the life you have. Stop putting your child in front of the TV/Xbox all day while you either work or obsess over your mobile phone. Social media isn’t more important than spending time with the ones you love.

Steps to promote our mental health and good family relationships can be cheap and simple and start with spending a little time together. It will help both yours and your families mental health and well-being.

Today for example, the little man and I decided this afternoon to take the students off for a couple of hours while the sun was shining.

So, armed with a couple of towels, a baseball, a soccer ball and a picnic blanket, we headed 30 minutes cross country to a little hidden gem in Thomastown.

The boys had so much fun, time slipped by and we ended up staying for 4 hours!!

Taking joy in listening to the birds, the nature, and the natural laughter of children at play truly cannot be underestimated in it’s feel good power.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see other people smile and laugh. It was definitely well worth the trip, and only cost fuel! And now all are asleep, (and I won’t be far behind), I can catch up on my work knowing that we had a great day, making memories.

For ideas on cheap and simple activities/days out or if you need delivery of parenting classes, activity planning or talks on promoting positive mental health please contact

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