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The Coole Cafe

img_20180719_1502063215573309896401169.jpgMyself and my little man were out and about today looking for a possible new car, when we came across this little cafe. Right across the road from Centra and the Rathcoole Shopping Centre.

The chap behind the counter was very friendly and patient with my boy. He reeled off the entire cake selection and what else they had on offer. I variety of cakes and delicacies, plus he said he could make him pancakes. Of course, this was the option he chose! So, after being provided with the optional toppings of Blueberry Compot, Bacon, Maple Syrup, or Chocolate Spread, my son naturally opted for the chocolate spread!

So, tea for 2, pancakes and a warm fruit scone (which was warmed gently in the oven instead of being nuked by the microwave) we sat out in their lovely back yard and enjoyed the sunshine.

The chap that had served us came and asked if everything was ok, and if we were on our holidays. So, we got chatting and I told him we were looking for a specific garage.  He then kindly went in to get his phone to look  it up for me for accurate directions.

I was also delighted with the teapot, which did not spill. Probably the first one I have ever used that I haven’t had to watch out for or put a napkin underneath!!

Well done to The Coole Cafe in Rathcoole, Dublin.


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