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What are JP activities?

It came to my attention yesterday that not everyone knows what I mean by JP activities.

JP is July Provision. This is a service offered in Ireland by the Department of Education, which provides an extra month of home tuition to children with additional needs, for those that qualify for it.

In Ireland, primary schools and special educational schools finish for the Summer holidays in June, and don’t re-open until September, leaving parents of children with additional needs without any support for 2 months.

Parents can apply for July Provision to the Department of Education and if they qualify, they may be entitled to up to 40 hours of extra tuition for their child for the month of July. This is normally allocated as 2 hours per day over the 5 week days.

The activities I am putting up are ideas that can be used if you are living/working with a person with additional needs or can also be used for preschoolers.

They are not exhaustive as there are so many activities that can be done. These are just specific to my person. They are what he enjoys doing.

If you would like tailored plans and programs or need support with activity planning or behaviour support plans, you can contact me for private consultation on

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