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JP activities. 3.

It has been long established that art and positive mental health go hand in hand. Hence the need for art therapists.

And it’s no different for people on the autism spectrum. Depending on their age and stage of development, you can cater your art and craft activities to suit their needs.

Cutting and sticking/making collages can be a great activity to do. Whether using coloured paper or magazines, the artist can work whatever way they want. It gives people chance to learn or practice scissor skills and can also feed their senses by using glues and paints with their fingers.

If they find using scissors too difficult, you could show them how to rip the paper. This can avoid frustration and meltdown. This is also sensory as they feel the paper and listen to it rip. Plus the sense of doing something they may have been told not to before!

My guy loves this activity, it seems to be his favourite thing at the moment. He especially likes picking off the dry glue from his hands!

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