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July Provision

If you didn’t get the opportunity to work with the parents before your July Provision or home tuition starts, make sure you arrive with a range of materials to suit various age groups. Although you will probably know the age of the child you will be supporting, you may not know what stage of development they’re at. So be prepared!

I brought a range of jigsaws suitable for different stages of development, paints and shaving foam for messy sensory activities and dry paint markers and paint brushes/sponges for “tidy” painting/colouring. Also safety scissors, glue sticks and an array of art and crafts for making & doing or simply for touching, among other things.

You could bring playdough or make it there if the ingredients are available. I also brought plain paper, colouring books and a scrap book which is a different texture.

I provide tailored training and support to individuals and organisations providing services for people on the Autism Spectrum. Contact me for further information or consultation to suit your needs.

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