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Why do we fight?

Why do we argue and fight with our loved ones? Is the need to be right so important?

Stop and ask yourself if it’s important enough to fight over? Is it your issue or theirs? What has upset you so much and why? Why does whatever it is bother you so much?

If we think about it, perhaps it’s not that big a deal. Perhaps it’s something that’s actually bothering you and not them. If that’s the case, think about why it bothers you so much. Maybe it’s something you need to get over on your own without causing conflict with the one you love.

Sometimes we just need to take stock and consider what’s better for the relationship. Constant fighting isn’t good for anyone, especially where there are children in a family. The family suffers, the relationship suffers and our mental health suffers.

If you’re in a relationship that can’t seem to get out of arguing and you can’t find peace with each other, then it might be worth reevaluating your relationship to see if this is what you want to live with every day. Is it worth the upset? Is it worth upsetting the children?

Children generally prefer to see their parents happy, even if it means they are apart.

Deciding how we live our lives impacts on our mental health..good or bad. Do what’s right for you. Don’t do what you think you should, or what other people tell you to. Make the choice for you and only you. Take charge of your own destiny.

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