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Be better

I absolutely love this photo. It came up again recently on my Facebook feed and it’s one of those pictures that really has no need for words.

And it’s so true. Children are born into this world without racism, without hate, without homophobia, without prejudice of any kind. These things are taught…it’s learned through parenting, through society, through the media..

But we have the power to change that.

Let your children interact, don’t stop them because the other child isn’t the same skin color or gender, or looks poorer than yours. Be the type of person that raises their children to be open to everyone, open to new experiences. Teach them that everyone in this life has value. Enrich them with all life has to offer, don’t teach them to hate…

So what if they make friends with someone different? Let them be, encourage it, embrace it. Don’t be ashamed of who they are.

If you struggle because of your own upbringing, try and change your own views so your child doesn’t have to feel the same. Our kids know only what we tell them. They hang on our every word and action. Be better. Tell them “it’s ok to be friends with who you want, it’s ok to be you”.

We need to stop the spread of hate. Everyone is unique. Everyone has value. No matter what race, color, gender, religion, disability, age, family status, class or sexual orientation. Live and let live. Be better. Make it count for the next generation and for generations to come.

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