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The little things

Remember it’s the little things that count, that make your day a good one.

You might not recall them when the day isn’t going well, but stop and think about what had happened in the day…did someone hold a door open for you or say thanks when you did? Did your child, partner, parent tell you they loved you or gave that loving smile? Did your hubby let you eat his dinner so you didn’t have to go making some? Did McDonalds let you have a different sauce on your ice cream that shouldn’t be on it? Maybe a teenager in the house got up and did some chores without being nagged into it!

Whatever it was, remember the little things. These are what give us light and hope that things aren’t as bad as we think they are, especially if we’re having a bad day.

Remember to tell yourself “Today is a good day”, and let the little things do their magic.

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