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Life is a gift

For many people, just waking up is difficult. It can be difficult to get out of bed, to find that motivation….

Depression is a terrible illness that consumes so many. One of the hardest things to do is open your eyes and say “it’s great to be alive!”.

Positive self-talk is something that we have to learn to do. Yes, it’s difficult to think nice things to say about yourself, but over time, you will see it’s benefits.

Open your eyes and think of something good about yourself, or something someone else has said that was nice. Do this everyday.

Doesn’t matter what it is or how silly you feel…tell yourself something, anything..

Here are some examples that I would have used myself over the years when I was feeling down, they may seem a little mundane, but when you’re in that frame of mind, it can be a strenuous task!

My eyes are pretty; I like my big toe; I managed to not kill my children today; I like the color of my hair; my son told me he loved me; my husband said I was beautiful; they ate all their dinner; my son tied his laces by himself…I must be doing something right!

You can use anything that’s relevant to you…try it, work on it and achieve it. Before you know, you will realize that life as a gift and you will be more ready to live it x

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