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Sensory Play for children and people with sensory issues.

Sensory play is a huge part of child development. Water play, sand, kinetic sand, sensory balls, foam, paint, bubbles, mud, etc are all great activities that can be incorporated into your daily plan.

Let the children touch, smell, see, hear and if appropriate…taste what they have. Add in tasting sessions or make sure you use non-toxic or edible ingredients when planning your activities.

Watch as the benefits of this play unfold, talk to the children about what they’re doing as they play. Look for feedback in what they say and in their reactions. These can be used in your observations.

Sensory play is also highly beneficial for people with autism. Look for what makes them happy and calm. Is it painting using fingers or playing with shaving foam, maybe it’s massages or sensory touch walls. It might be music through headphones or rocking in a chair. Key into this. It may make the difference between a good or bad day for the person you support.

Contact me for ideas or further information or how to link your activities to Aistear.

2 thoughts on “Sensory Play for children and people with sensory issues.”

    1. Hi Caroline
      If you would like to email me info@trainingsolutionskilkenny.com and provide me a little information about your child or the child you are supporting, I will be happy to help 🙂
      You might also be interested in our workshop on Sensory Processing https://trainingsolutionskilkenny.com/sna-workshop-series-course-information-booking/
      I will have new dates available for this particular workshop in the coming days.

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