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Spider-graphs & mindmaps

These are helpful in so many ways for many different circumstances. They’re a great way to explore your thoughts when figuring things out.

In a childcare setting, for example, you could use one of these to figure out your weekly and daily plan. Pop the weeks theme in the middle and brainstorm ideas in relation to the theme to help you plan for the week ahead..then put your ideas to the kids and let them help you plan the daily activities. They might even come up with some ideas of their own that you can use.

If you’re studying and you’re revising a specific topic, pop the topic in the middle and let your brain flow with ideas in relation to it. You can also do this on a notes page in an exam. If you submit the notes, you can gain extra marks based on your thought process, even if you didn’t include the idea in your essay.

Teachers can also use these to help with lesson planning and speakers too when they’re trying to make sure their talk covers everything they’re looking to discuss.

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