New: SNA Workshop Series

Check out this new workshop series for Special Needs Assistants.

Welcome to Training Solutions Kilkenny

Here at Training Solutions Kilkenny we pride ourselves on offering an excellent and unique learning experience for all who participate in our courses. 

Catering for individuals, schools, and organisations of all varieties, we aim to engage the learner in a process or deeper learning and reflection, to empower them to go into their workplace with more knowledge, understanding and confidence when working with difference and complex needs. 

We aim to foster empathy, inclusion, integration and equity within workplace culture and embed a passion to not only do their job, but do it well, going above and beyond for the people they care for, ensuring the vulnerable person they work with gets the same opportunities as anyone else. 

We instill the importance of acknowledging and celebrating difference and diversity on all levels, providing the learners with the skills they need to empower themselves in helping vulnerable people, and giving them the tools they need to also empower the vulnerable person.

Everybody within Training Solutions Kilkenny have the passion and drive to make the world a better place for all who live in it. All team members have been handpicked for their unique skills and expertise and their passion for helping others.  

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